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Alfa Romeo 159 (939) Sports Suspension Kit -25/20mm  all 5-Cylinder

Alfa Romeo 159 (939) Sports Suspension Kit -25/20mm all 5-Cylinder


RSI Sports Suspension Kit

Alfa Romeo 159 Saloon
Type 939
2005 - 2011
lowering 25/20mm
all 5-Cylinder
front load: 1201-1300kg
rear load: 1100kg
  • Improved roadholding, excellent handling
  • Individually designed for your vehicle model
  • Developed by our experienced RSI engineers 
  • Continually tested on road, test and race tracks or test benches
  • Conformity Certificates included (unless stated otherwise)
  • A dynamic look, especially in combination with sporty wheels
  • A better drivability through a lower Centre of Gravity


We ALSO have extreme lowering kits which will require the new shortened performance shock absorbers. These kits can go as low as -80mm.

These kits are NOT available for all vehicles as technically too low doesn't work on all vehicles.


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