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ATS Racelight Silver

ATS Racelight Silver


The Racelight alloy wheel from ATS is worthy of its name by way of a special production technique which ensures both low weight and high stability “ Flow-forming. It's a complicated technique which is also used in the manufacture of racing wheels.

The Racelight is available in different surface variations: painted in Racing grey or with a polished ceramic coat.

Consequently, the 8.5x19 weighs just 9.9kg - a weight reduction of 10%, a direct result of the  FlowForming process.
In comparison with conventionally cast wheels available, this results in a weight reduction of 4kg per wheel = 16kg per car!

Suggested retail price from £439.95 per wheel.

ATS Racelight is a TUV Approved wheel with an extendable 5 year warranty. Register your wheels at to extend your warranty.

ATS Racelight Racing Grey on Lamborghini

Wheel weights in KG
8.5x18"  9.7
8.5x19"  10.6
10.0x19"  11.8
11.0x19"  12.2
8.5x20"  11.5
10.0x20"  13.5
11.0x20"  13.7

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