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Audi A3 type 8L Control Arm kit Complete

Audi A3 type 8L Control Arm kit Complete


Control arm kit / set "big package"
fits for
Audi A3 type 8L
from year 01.1998 - 2004
all model only with front wheel drive
Control arm (without ball joint, with two bush-sets),
front axle, both side
OEM-Partnumber: 1J0407151A, 1J0407151B, 1J0407151C
Ball joint front axle, left-side
OEM-Partnumber: 1J0407365C, 1J0407365D, 1J0407365, 1J0407365A, 1J0407365B
Ball joint front axle, right-side
OEM-Partnumber: 1J0407366C, 1J0407366D, 1J0407366, 1J0407366A, 1J0407366B
Stabilizer "short" "fixing outside anti-roll-bar" front axle-both side
OEM-Partnumber: 1J0411315C, 1J0411315J, 1J0411315, 1J0411315B, 1J0411315G
Track rod end front axle, right-side
OEM-Partnumber: 1J0422812B
Track rod endfront axle, left-side
OEM-Partnumber: 1J0422811B

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