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Porsche Cayenne Diesel (9PA) Lowering spring kit

Porsche Cayenne Diesel (9PA) Lowering spring kit



In combination with standard shock absorbers, your vehicle can be lowered by up to 40 mm with RSI suspension springs (depending upon the car and equipment). For a dynamic look and a better road-holding. 

  • Improved road-holding, excellent handling
  • Individually designed for your vehicle model
  • Developed by our experienced RSI engineers 
  • Continually tested on road, test and race tracks or test benches
  • Conformity Certificates included (unless stated otherwise)
  • A dynamic look, especially in combination with sporty wheels
  • A better drivability through a lower Centre of Gravity


Porsche Cayenne Diesel
Type 9PA
year 2003 -  including facelift
lowering 30-40mm
We ALSO have extreme lowering kits which will require the new shortened performance shock absorbers. These kits can go as low as -80mm.

These kits are NOT available for all vehicles as technically too low doesn't work on all vehicles.


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